Playground Jam Biog

The Playground Jam is now running into it’s 5th year running, we developed the competition to provide girls with a platform to progress and compete in a chilled out friendly atmosphere where they felt they were the focus as riders as opposed to being part of a sponsors rally or as the early morning comp on ice before the men’s slope begins!

Our main aim has been to make sure this competition is for everyone that wants to compete, there are small and large obstacles to play on so that you can put a nice run down whatever your skill level, the experience of participating in the Playground Jam is what we work hard making sure is the best possible. We reward the overall winners of course, but everyone gets something as well as ending the day with a memory of an amazing day spent riding at their best, meeting other girls and pushing their abilities.

The Morzine Chapelle Park is the ideal place for this focus with numerous course lines through the park and two jump sizes to make sure no one has to play it safe with their tricks, the girls can feel free to put down all the tricks they have in their bags.

”this was the most fun competition I’ve ever been to”-Lina Ryytty -Snowboard Competitor from Sweden.


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