Playground Jam Edit

Competition Results

Snowboard Division-

1st Sabrina Burnham
2nd Ashley Sinclair
3rd Danilla Darilova
4th Nathalie Silkstone
5th Charli Witts
6th Victoria Bergqvist
7th Ivika Jurgensson
8th Polly Baker
9th Laurie Duchere
10th Davina Harwood
11th Mirjam-Kin Rhaabis
12th Ayla Thidling
13th Rose Wheller
14th Liz Mullett
15th Rose-ellen Bromley
16th Hannah Ross
17th Maya Shinozaka
18th Laurianne Chardon
19th Sarah Fish
20th Sue Garlick
21st Shea Dary
22nd Cheryl Gearon
23rd Sarah whitemore
24th Sarah Tucker

Ski Division-

1st Nicole Berra
2nd Chloe Hardy
3rd Ella Dixon-Wild
4th Kimbra Hughes

Thanks girls for making this years Playground Jam the best yet! Can’t wait till next year! : )


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Creator and designer of fairtrade brand eka.
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